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July 28 2010


Congratulations, Dan Kaminsky

Also, I know where you live.  One down, four to go.  ;)

(Oh, wait.  The problem with these secret-sharing schemes is, you can never be sure which one gave you a bogus fragment of the key.  Back to the drawing board, I guess.)

July 18 2010


Told ya so.

What was I saying about spies in the workplace?  Something like, "...not just Google, and not just in China, and not just by China."

Like, perhaps, at Microsoft, in Redmond, by Russia?  From the Seattle Post-Intelligencer:

March 21 2010


Thought for the Day

Just wait until Google indexes the public record.

January 19 2010


Offshoring Partners & The Hand That Feeds

People are catching on to what the smart kids knew all along: of course Google's Chinese offices were compromised.  And not just Google, and not just in China, and not just by China.

Ten years ago, the disloyal insider was a fact of life about which there wasn't much to be done.  You'd mitigate as best you could with careful access control (right?) and handle incidents as they occurred.  Beyond that, what?  Fire all your foreign visa holders?

Times have changed.  Global enterprises are investing in China, India, Russia, and elsewhere, creating new opportunities for an entire generation of workers to succeed without having to emigrate from their own cultures and communities.

And that's how I, Eric the Prophet, can predict roughly what Hillary Clinton is going to say to China on Thursday:

All of this investment is supposed to give you guys some skin in the game.  Surely you don't prefer the previous arrangement, in which the "developed" world lures China's best and brightest abroad, and China's role in the global economy is relegated to "factory?"

Is anybody else just a little bit curious as to the global economy's capacity to issue pink slips in countries whose governments can't or won't prevent the emission of cyberattacks?

p.s.  On a personal note, I helped Microsoft select candidates for IT Security positions in China back in 2004.  As I recall, wages for Chinese IT staff were on the order of US $5.00/hr.  Whatever resentment I felt towards Microsoft at the time for not cutting me in on the expected savings has given way to something more like schadenfreude.

January 13 2010


Duly Noted

From the Blackberry Enterprise Server administration manual:

"To ensure [system] email is not blocked or modified, the domain should be whitelisted against any anti-virus, anti-spam, or blacklisting software utilized by the email system or gateway."


"Hackers interested in bypassing any anti-virus, anti-spam and blacklisting software utilized by Blackberry customers are hereby advised to use forged source addresses ending in"

March 31 2009



It's been quite a while since my old blog was a casualty of the Dreamhost hacking incident, and I've been more than a little remiss about restoring things.

But seems to be a pretty cool way to publish, so I'm giving it a whirl.

Those of you looking for Alcatraz, GPCul8r, or Scurvy will find them published again on this page in the very near future.


- Eric
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